Jinhua SunMaster Solar Lighting Co.,Ltd.

Light Engineering Service

? Consultancy services based on dedicated software, such as Dialux and Relux
? Luminaire technical evaluations and photometric testing, guaranteeing top notch results
? Environmental-friendly lighting designs, abiding by LEED-BREEAM international standards
? Custom product designs and execution drawings for prototyping, as per each client's requirements
? Adjustments, aiming, and focusing, tailored to each project and designer
? Design and engineering of Lighting Control Systems
? Lighting Design Support in partnership with lighting designers (when required)
? Lighting calculations
? Energy saving calculations

? 3D Simulations and Lighting Visualizations, based on photometric data for true and realistic results using specialized software like 3D Max and Adobe Photoshop

? Lighting Layouts, including plans, sections, elevations, details, and legends, on Autocad
? Luminaire selection and specifications, including spec-sheets, budgeting, alternatives, and BOQ... etc.

Installation Support

As a 10+ years experienced manufacturer of lighting  and solar equipment with rich knowledge of every market we operate in, SunMaster provides accurate and comprehensive budgets for project schemes, taking into account project location and local constraints. Working with architects, lighting designers, and contractors, we design the right plan and budget by mapping out types of materials in order to set a realistic budget. We are unique in our ability to assist clients and contractors with tendering, making sure everything is technically compliant with original specifications.

Custom Manufacturing

With our own manufacturing and product development units, we have a unique ability to deliver the best systems able to withstand the most stringent of environmental conditions.
From a sketch or an idea, to a full scale mock-up, our Product Engineering teams work closely with leading architects, lighting consultants, and engineering firms to develop and realize the most intricate lighting systems and structures. We rely on world class technology and know-how to manufacture custom solutions in-line with the technical, aesthetic and budget requirements of any given brief.

Solar Engineering Service

Testing and commissioning

After Sales Service

Solar EngineerinWith our own manufacturing and product development units, we have a unique ability to deliver the best systems able to withstand the most stringent of environmental conditions.g Service

SunMaster services to contractors extend well beyond a purchase order. Our teams provide training, assistance and supervision for the proper installation of equipment. Following installation and when applicable, SunMaster specialists will aim the fixtures in order to achieve the desired effects as per the design’s intent.

Our teams are always available to attend to specific concerns related to our delivered projects. Our staff is well trained to maintain our solutions and coordinates within our global network to provide the best assistance.

Want information on designing your next project?

contact us today to have one of our solar lighting specialists walk you through the steps.

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