Jinhua SunMaster Solar Lighting Co.,Ltd.

SunMaster Solar Street light is a energy saving solution designed to harness solar energy and provide outdoor lighting that preserves resources, requires no moving parts, and is virtually maintenance free. SunMaster designs each system by the power consumed by the fixture and available sun provided by the geographical location of installation. The battery backup provides a minimum of three days autonomy for extended battery life and takes into account local weather conditions.

Benefits Cost Reduction

Our patented universal design operates at 70-100% LESS than the cost associated with traditional street lighting.

Cost Elimination

No energy costs or electric bills In new development, no wiring and trenching.


We eliminate the carbon footprint of a traditional utility light pole. Prevents future SMOG and global warming.
Reduces sky glow and light pollution.

Reliability & Safety

Lights stay on during power outages during storms or natural disasters.. Lights provide safety and dramatically reduce crime and looting according to Department of Justice Reports.

All in one type

All in two type

Split type

SunMaster  capitalizes on its lengthy experience in the lighting field to provide superior outdoor lighting solutions based on the core functional needs of every space. Every solution is engineered according to a strict balance of purpose and efficiency, tackling light amount, color, and distribution in a way that both natural light and electrical light are designed to best serve human needs.

Furthermore, solutions are built using the latest in lighting calculation tools to provide superior performance. Boasting decades-long relationships with some of the most important lighting brands in the world, SunMaster offers an impressive choice of lighting fixtures

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